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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -0,0 +1,33 @@ +# Music + +Ever since being invented, music has made people squirl around in the beat. Since this wasn't really too rational behavior, it was given name dance and at the same time it became art, i.e. a way of expressing self. Now, this is what I discovered in Q2 2003, before that, music was pretty much just for listening. This fact broadened my musical taste a lot, given that now I like music that makes me mindlessly stomp the floor and do signs with my hands. + +## Before + +Before this, pretty much all my favourite artists could be found from '60s and '70s rock or Finnish rock. One has always (since 1998 or so) stood above every else, and that is Sir Elwoodin hiljaiset värit, and has not even faded during the new era. There was a quite short period, I liked the music that was "hip", but at that time, I understood that it wasn't my thing. A little list of my favourite finnish artists here: +<div class="p"> + +* Sir Elwoodin hiljaiset värit +* Kolmas Nainen +* Neljä Ruusua +* Juice Leskinen +* Eppu Normaali +* Wigwam +</div> +And foreign ones: +<div class="p"> + +* The Eagles +* Led Zeppelin +* The Beatles +* Uriah Heep +* Pink Floyd +</div> + +## After + +So, what changed afterwards, well as I said, my musical taste broadened, it didn't only change. So yes, the old ones are still there, the #1 spot still reserved to Sir Elwood, but there's been a conquest by techno/trance music. Favourite artists seem not to be quite as relevant here, at least it feels that there are more "1 hit wonders" on these genres. But to give a little picture, artist like DJ Proteus, Scooter, Delerium, PPK, RMB make me do stupid things. As a side product, some popular artists, which I dissed earlier mostly because of attitudal problems, that aren't quite dance music have arosen to my preference. + +## What not? + +Having said these, there should be a quite a clear picture on what I do not like, but just to make sure, I'm not too fond of Rap/Hip hop/R'n'B or whatever you wish to call them, as I say "Yo!"-music. This is not quite explicit, and there are songs that are good, but as a common rule, all "Yo!" is bad. Same goes for harder metal, it's mostly crap, but with exceptions. +\ No newline at end of file