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Date:   Mon, 22 Jan 2007 23:34:46 +0000

Suspend woes

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diff --git a/posts/ b/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,7 @@ +# Suspend woes + + Yesterday, I got suspend, TV-out and lotsa other stuff to work properly on the new laptop. Today, after unsuccesfully trying to configure wpa_supplicant to connect to a friend's AirPort Extreme, I decided that I'd try NetworkManager. First I used the traditional way of connecting a computer into a network: cable. Then a bit of apt-get, and googling how network manager was supposed to be set up, and finally I got it working. Took a while to figure out that I had to comment out entries in /etc/network/interfaces. I got the WLAN connection up and running and was able to disconnect the oh-so-limiting cable. + + Just when I thought everything was all right and I could get home to configure my home network, I happened to close the lid and boom... Well, no boom, but the laptop didn't suspend, which isn't nice for battery life, nor it's good thermally to carry a powered on laptop in your bag. I fiddled this and that for a while, and at the end fell back to wpa_supplicant and headed home laptop suspended. + + After getting home, I re-enabled NetworkManager and fiddled some more. Adding some scripts to /etc/acpi/{suspend.d,resume.d} to disable NetworkManager finally fixed suspend, found some [instructions for FC4 on IBM T42]( Later I found [Ubuntu bug 40125](, which introduced the same fix. Why can't the network-manager package include such scripts... Oh well, the thing is working again, must try hard not to break it again. =) +\ No newline at end of file