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Date:   Mon,  7 Mar 2011 09:48:38 +0000

Git branch in prompt

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diff --git a/posts/ b/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,13 @@ +# Git branch in prompt + + While creating set of [bash_completion rules]( for mc-tool, I read some other rule files to see how things are done. I happened to spot some useful functions from git's completion, mainly __git_ps1, which prints the name of the current branch. + + Having the name of the current branch can save some mistakes every now and then, and with environment variable GIT_PS1_SHOWDIRTYSTATE you can even make it show if there are non-staged and/or non-committed changes in your tree. + + This is how I used it: + +`PS1='\u@\h \w$(GIT_PS1_SHOWDIRTYSTATE=1 __git_ps1)\$ '` + +By default the output of __git_ps1 is " (name-of-branch)", or "" if current directory does not belong to a git tree. The format string can be given on command line, like " (%s)". + + The current version seems to have a small glitch that causes it to print give (unknown) for home directory, if you use git global settings. +\ No newline at end of file