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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ Notifications could be made more accessibility friendly even with TTS. Thanks to [BanchouBoo]( for helping test tiramisu and providing the gif of it. +# Projects Using tiramisu + +- [polynotifications by alnj]( + # Usage Redirecting output of tiramisu to the input of another program is the ideal methodology to using @@ -22,23 +26,11 @@ tiramisu. tiramisu | your-application ``` -tiramisu outputs a new line for every relevant bit of information regarding a notification. -Anywhere a string may be found in a notification a new-line may be placed, -but the most likely scenario is that a new-line is only found in the notification body, -and because this is the most likely scenario, the body is output last in the notification. - -The structure for notifications being output by tiramisu is as follows. +By default tiramisu outputs notifications in JSON format. By removing the `PRINT_JSON` macro from config.h you can have tiramisu print out notifications straight to STDOUT, with each bit of information being split by a new line (the delimiter can also be changed in config.h) ``` $ tiramisu -Application name -Application icon path (if enabled in configuration) -Notification actions (if enabled in configuration; not currently available) -Notification hints (if enabled in configuration; not currently available) -Replacement ID (if enabled in configuration) -Notification timeout -Summary -Body +{ "app_name": "notify-send", "app_icon": "", "replaces_id": 0, "timeout": -1, "summary": "Notification summary", "body": "Notification body" } ``` also tiramisu can output information in json so it can be easily parsed. @@ -48,11 +40,3 @@ from the output (making all of the output one line shorter). #### Note that only a single process can claim the org.freedesktop.Notifications name at a given time, so any other running notification daemon must be killed before running tiramisu. -# Configuration - -By default tiramisu opts out of outputting notification actions, replacement IDs, -notification timeouts, and hints. These can be enabled by modifying `config.h` -and uncommenting the needed functionality and recompiling tiramisu. - -Arrays are same-line, comma-separated. Associative arrays (dictionaries) are the same, -except their keys prefix the values and are separated by a colon.