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Last one on the dinghy is a rotten egg

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diff --git a/posts/ b/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@ +# Last one on the dinghy is a rotten egg + + I finally got myself some Jolla love a couple of months ago, and I must admit, I have so far been positively surprised of how well it works for my use cases. + Granted, my use cases are pretty simple, mainly IRC (ssh+irssi), e-mail and web browsing. + But as a former user of N900, the migration to a phone without hardware keyboard, I was expecting much more agony with IRC use, but fingerterm is a real life saver. + + The best thing about the device is that it gives me warm fuzzies due to the hacker spirit clearly present. + You get decent GNU userland (insert favourite shellshock quip here), ssh to device can be easily enabled, and terminal comes bundled with the developer mode. + All in all I've been fairly satisfied with it, and I guess I'm right in the middle of the relatively narrow target group. + +<p> + The worst problems for me have been with the browser. Most of the time it works a-ok, but sometimes it simply messes up tap coordinates, it can activate links way off from the position where I tapped. +\ No newline at end of file