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qmake and D-Bus

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diff --git a/posts/ b/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,18 @@ +# qmake and D-Bus + + Something I did not find documented anywhere: a sensible way to generate QtDBus adaptor and interface classes from introspection data with qdbusxml2cpp. I only found hacks using system() and custom targets to accomplish the feat. + + I though to myself that there must be a saner, better way, and while looking at the qmake generated Makefile, I noticed some interesting includes. After some investigation, I found "magic" variables DBUS_INTERFACES and DBUS_ADAPTORS. The introspect files should be named servicename.xml and listed in the variables, and qmake will do all the magic for you. + + With these variables, it is really easy to generate the helper classes on-demand. Just remember to include the generated header in some code file, otherwise compilation will choke. + + TEMPLATE = app + QT = core dbus + TARGET = qtdbus + DBUS_ADAPTORS = fi.inz.hello.xml + SOURCES = hello.cpp main.cpp + HEADERS = hello.h + + With this simple .pro file qmake autogenerates the adaptor on build. + + To see other files from the example, see [fi.inz.hello.xml]( [hello.cpp]( [hello.h]( [main.cpp]( [](